Gesit has years of experience in property development and management. To ensure recurring revenue, Gesit focused its efforts on owning its assets for leasing/rental. Gesit expanded its property business into the tourism and hospitality sector by establishing a new hotel “JS Luwansa” in 2012. Through this, Gesit became a respected property development and management company. Gesit is expanding its property unit by developing and leasing office space in Jakarta’s Golden Triangle.

Office Space - Daswin Building

In 2016, Gesit with Mitsubishi Estate developing Daswin Tower in more than 140,000 sqm of build up area sitting on 1,6 Ha of land, Daswin tower is envisioned to be an iconic, elegant and timeless Office building. It is strategically located at the intersection of Rasuna Said with Casablanca – two of the main arteries that define the extents of Jakarta CBD or Golden Triangle. It is proposed to detach the supporting Retail, Multi/ Function Hall and Car Park Podium component from the Tower and materialize the concept of a Plaza – The Urban Living Room.


The Tower shall be rotated in relation to the main urban axis – defined by Rasuna Said and Casablanca – maximizing unobstructed views from the building and also emphasizing the prominent position in relation to both arteries. Architecturally it will be a 320m tall point block Tower with a smooth and slender character.

JS Luwansa Hotel and Convention Center

JS Luwansa Hotel and Convention Center is located in Jakarta’s Golden Triangle, Jakarta’s fastest growing and exclusive business district. Conveniently located in close proximity to major embassies, shopping malls and the toll way. JS Luwansa Hotel and Convention Center is the perfect place for discerning business travelers who need a strategic base to support their business activities from a location within close proximity to the rest of Jakarta.


JS Luwansa Hotel boasts a first class international standard with 245 well-appointed guest rooms along with impeccable personalized service. JS Luwansa Convention Center offers a first class meeting and convention center facility that can accommodate your special occasion in the Grand Ballroom for 1,500 guests and 14 additional breakout meeting rooms featuring natural lighting.

PPHUI Building & Usmar Ismail Hall

Usmar Ismail Hall is an important part of the  PPHUI building,  which includes  a 6,400 sqm office space and state of the art cinema and concert hall located in CBD Jakarta. The Usmar Ismail Concert Hall has been designed with an exclusive interior, comfortable seating arrangement and modern lighting. The design concept ensures the ultimate enjoyment experience for the audience of each presented program. This is the first Integrated Cinema and Concert Hall in Indonesia.


Gesit shall continue to invest in its land bank. Currently Gesit’s land portfolio includes a 12,199 sqm land in Jl. MT. Haryono - South Jakarta; 130,000 sqm Resort Development land in Ciloto - Puncak; 3,000 sqm commercial land in West Jakarta; 200 ha in Bintan for future real estate development and several plots of land in Bali.



Gesit provides distinguished trading and agency services. Following its inception in the 50’s, this division serves multinational companies who market their products in Indonesia as well as the international market.


For over 30 years, this division has been trusted by well-respected national and international companies as its global trading partner specializing in Aluminum, Alumina, Calcined Petroleum Coke, Pitch Coke, Coal Tar Pitch, Green Coke, Refined Metals, Natural Gas and LNG (Liquid Natural Gas). Trade between Indonesia, USA, China, Australia, Europe and several Asian Countries.

Agency Services

For over two decades, this division has provided its agency services to support the supply and distribution of products and technology used by banks and other consumers. Representative products include special currency paper and coins, high security technology to identify brand and documents, and disposal machines.




In the manufacturing sector, Gesit currently oversees four subsidiaries that aim to produce high quality products and provide exemplary service in Aluminum Extrusion, Steeled Plastic Drum, Calcined Petroleum Coke and Alumina.

Aluminium Extrusion

Established in 1972, this factory located in Pulogadung - Indonesia is a leading manufacturer and fabricator of aluminium extrusion profiles in Indonesia. This subsidiary has vast industry experience dating back to its 1972 joint venture with Alcan Aluminium (Alcan) from Canada. For over 40 years, it has served the national market and exports to countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Brunei, Japan and Hong Kong. It employs the management systems and the technological know how of Alcan, and has invariably maintained its posture as a professional and responsible provider of aluminium profiles over the years.


The company has earned ISO 9001 for its quality management system, which demonstrates the company’s ability to consistently provide products that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.


This subsidiary was established in 1969 by Rheem Australia and is located at Kawasan Industri Pulogadung, Jakarta. It produces 600,000 steel and 500,000 plastic drums per year. Its principal activities include producing steel and plastic drums for use in industries such as oil, paint, fragrance, chemical, and food processing.

It assures the customers obtain high quality products and services on time and at competitive prices. Drums packaging are manufactured to the highest standard of quality using premium materials and operating to international standards. We have ISO 9002 and UN approval for our product range.

Calcined Petroleum Coke

This subsidiary company was established in 2013 to develop a calciner plant with the capacity up to 300.000 MT per annum. It is located in North Sumatera with a 10 Ha factory area.

Alumina Refinery

Derived from a dream to be the leading manufacturer of alumina in Indonesia, Gesit has a joint venture with a foreign partner to establish an alumina refinery with 2 million MT capacity in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The company is committed to bring the most prestigious alumina refinery project in Indonesia.



To support its manufacturing business, Gesit also owns several subsidiaries dealing in the Natural Resources sectors, which are:

Bauxite Mine

Gesit is also invested in the mining industry. Since 2005, it has established its own bauxite mining operations to support the alumina industries that is being developed along with its foreign partner. There are four subsidiaries with a total mining concession of 37,227 Ha. Mining locations spread over Bintan Island and West Kalimantan, with bauxite as the main product.


In 2013, Gesit together with Sumitomo Chemical (Japan) established several pilot projects in the horticulture industry to implement and improve cultivation techniques by using technology from Japan in Jawa, Bali and Bintan Island for rice and other high value agricultural products. Due to its continued outstanding performance over the years, the company has attracted considerable regional and international attention.