Corporate Social Responsibility

Amazing things happen when connect : Unfortunate children have access to education; people in remote areas do not have to walk two hours to obtain fresh water; A disaster victim reunites with their loved ones. Together, we can create a positive effect on lives and communities. 

Gesit CSR leads this effort with innovative programs, partnerships, and collaborations. 

Our social investment programs focus on four areas where we believe Gesit CSR can add the most value and make a significant and lasting impact, which are :


Our innovative programs offer hands-on opportunities for disadvantaged children by:

1.  Building, renovating, and providing school facilities for:

     - North Sumatera, Sekolah Mitra Inalum.

     - Jakarta, Down Syndrome & Deaf School of Cempaka Putih.

     - Jakarta, School of Yayasan Penyandang Anak Cacat.

     - Fujian, Primary, Secondary School, Sport and library in Normal



2. Providing over 300 university scholarships per year.


   Our assistance initiatives ensure proper medical treatment or aid for the

   sick and injured:

  • Arranging for healthcare specialists to assist patients in need.

  • Rebuilding healthcare facilities and hospitals.

  • Donating food and other relief to the victims of the volcanic eruption at

  • Mount Merapi, Mentawai, the land slide at Puncak, Indonesia, and the floods in Jakarta.

  • Providing ambulances for DKI Jakarta Region, Red Cross Indonesia.

  • Empowering change in remote areas and counteracting the water shortage by developing a water project and constructing clean water facilities.

  • Open road access and maintaining roads in Sangau District Kalimantan Barat.

  • Collaborating with Yayasan Kebun Raya Indonesia and several foreign Ambassadors since early 2000 in the conservation of endangered and rare botanical species by maintaining live specimens in Kebun Raya Cibodas and Kebun Raya Bedugul, Bali.

  • Periodically Gesit holds musical performances from renowned, overseas artists that are open to the public. Through close knit cooperation with foreign embassies, Gesit also held a charitable concert to gather donations for disaster victims.

  • The Gesit Foundation also contributed to the construction of a mosque in Ciloto-Puncak and the renovation of local churches and temples.